Famous Tennessee Brothers


 Former Presidents

Andrew Jackson

1822 - 1823

  Served as the Most Worshipful Past
Grand Master of Tennessee Grand Lodge

and was the 7th. member of Harmony Lodge #1 Located in Nashville Tennessee.


James K. Polk


Polk was the 11th. brother raised, on 9/4/1820 of Columbia Lodge #31, located in Columbia Tennessee.


Andrew Johnson


Johnson was the  17th. man initiated at Greenville Lodge No. 119 in 1851.


Former Governors

Ned Ray McWherter

Governor Of Tennessee

Masonic information is unknown.


Sam Houston


Historicle Figure and the 7th Governor of Texas

1817, Member of Cumberland Lodge No. 8, located in Nashville TN



Eddy Arnold

"The Tennessee Plowboy"

 (1918- )

Country Music Artist

Member of East Nashville Lodge No. 560


Roy Acuff

"King of Country Music"


Member of East Nashville Lodge No. 560



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